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Paid Family Leave Grant for Small Businesses

The Paid Family Leave Small Business Grant Program will provide to California businesses of less than 10 employees, $500 for each employee who is utilizing the PFL Program up to a total of $4,500 per small business. The funding is meant to help offset the costs involved with training and upskilling existing staff to cover the duties of the employee on PFL, hiring and training additional staff to cover the duties of the employee on PFL and the marketing, recruitment, and training costs to cover these activities. Review program details, eligibility requirements and submit your application HERE...........

The PFL program allows California workers to take paid leave to bond with a new child (through birth, adoption, or foster care) or to care for a seriously ill family member. Beginning July 1, 2020, this leave has been expanded from six to eight weeks. Additionally, the program is also expanding the 12 week non-paid protected leave to all businesses, regardless of business size.

-Brittney Sherman


Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

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