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Governor Newsom Signs (3) Pro-Housing Bills

On Thursday September 16th, Governor Newsom signed off on (3) bills meant to increase housing production and streamline zoning requirements for multi-unit production. An overview of each Bill can be found below.

“The housing affordability crisis is undermining the California Dream for families across the state, and threatens our long-term growth and prosperity. Making a meaningful impact on this crisis will take bold investments, strong collaboration across sectors and political courage from our leaders and communities to do the right thing and build housing for all.”

- Governor Gavin Newsom

  • SB-8- Provides technical cleanup and extends the sunset date to January 1, 2030 for SB 330 (Skinner-2019), a law that promotes more affordable housing development in California by reducing permitting delays and unexpected fees levied during the housing development permitting process.

  • SB 9- Streamlines more infill housing while providing substantial local control to land use development by allowing property owners to convert single-family homes into multiple units or divide their properties and build up to two residential units on each lot, all without triggering CEQA so long as all units are consistent with all local land use laws.

  • SB 10- Provides local cities and counties with full authority to streamline upzoning in their jurisdiction for up to 10 additional middle-income density housing units per parcel without triggering CEQA, if they choose.

-Brittney Sherman


Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

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