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Gov. Newsom signs SB290

Governor Newsom has signed more than 24 housing bills into law staying true to his pledge of unrestricted funding and housing FOR ALL. SB 290 is the most recently signed bill which addresses four barriers that limit density bonus applicability. The legislation makes the following improvements and clarifications to the state’s density bonus law: first, the bill allows low-income student housing projects to receive up to one incentive. Second, SB 290 aligns the density bonus approval requirements with those in the Housing Accountability Act. Third, it expands the definition of for-sale projects beyond common interest developments, including units that can be sold to low-income families. And lastly, SB 290 adds a parking waiver for housing developments within one-half mile of transit that include 40% moderate income, for-sale units.

-Brittney Sherman


Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

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