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CalOSHA Aligns Employer Mask Guidance w\ CDPH

Last Thursday, California regulators approved revised workplace pandemic rules allowing employees who are fully vaccinated the same freedoms as when they are off the job, including ending most mask requirements. Gov. Newsom immediately issued an executive order waiving the usual 10-day legal review. The new rules will take effect as soon as they are filed with the secretary of state.

The revised regulations now conform with general state guidelines that took effect June 15th, ending most mask rules for vaccinated people. Fully vaccinated employees will not need to wear masks, except in locations like mass transit, healthcare and classrooms, where they are required for everyone. Vaccinated employees won’t need to be tested or quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms.

Employers must document that workers who skip masks indoors are indeed fully vaccinated. Employers have the choice of requiring workers to show proof of vaccination or allowing employees to self-report their status, with the employer keeping a record of who does the latter.

They also could decide to require everyone to remain masked — vaccinated or not.

-Brittney Sherman

CEO President

Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

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