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2017 Morgan Hill City Council Actions

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce has started the process of summarizing the actions of our City Council.  Each year the City Council defines "Ongoing Priorities" or "Strategic Priorities".  Each item brought before the Council is assigned one or more of these priorities.  In addition the Chamber has defined a set of "Categories" that provides a different lens to view the items brought to Council. In the spreadsheet shown is a list of each of the agenda items from calendar 2017, the associated strategic and ongoing priorities, Chamber generated categories and the voting record for each of the Council Members.

A Council Members primary role is policy decision making.  The intention of the summary is to provide an easy, convenient method to understand each of the Council Member actions on the various categories and priorities.

 Morgan Hill Council Fun Facts

42 Meeting Scheduled             7   Meeting Canceled              35 Meetings Held

11,180 pages of reference material

383 agenda items (Interviews, Workshops, no Action taken & Voting Items)

343 Voting Items – 101 items for funding requests

A Total 1710 votes taken resulting in;

1629  AYE Votes               20 NAY Votes         55 Absent  Votes      5 Recusal Actions     1 Abstained Vote